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Commentary from producer Oscar Rodríguez Górriz:

Monterrey was going through difficult times. For many people the name of the city was linked to violence and insecurity, especially for those who didn't live there. But the reality was very different.  Indeed a wave of crimes and murders hit Monterrey, the same wave that hit the entire country, but at first, only stigmatized some cities. We wanted to make a movie from the student's point of view and narrate what we wanted, longed, and especially the way we saw Nuevo León's Capital. We wanted to remind people others of the atractions, traditions and the proud character of its citizens. We made an alliance between the students of the three largest universities of Monterrey and with a minimum budget we put our stories on the screen.



Ten stories with no relation to each other apart from the fact they happen in the city of Monterrey and the only bond between them is love. Each story was directed by students of Tecnológico De Monterrey, Universidad De Monterrey and Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León.


Awards and recognitions:

-Winner of Best Film from Nuevo León at the Monterrey International Film Festival.

-Screened out of competition at Tercer Milenio International Film Festival and at Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival (RMUFF).



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