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Although it's on hold, I decided to include ANTE EL DESTINO, because we worked over a year and a half trying to fund it and during the meantime we develop very interesting concepts for the film. There were people interested in financing it, but not enough to bring it to the screen.  Anyway I didn't want to miss the chance to share: the poster, music and animations that were made at the first stage, and of course, the names of people who were trying to make the film.



Three separate stories sharing a moment: the announcement of the end of the world in 36 hours. The countdown begins at the end of one of the stories, at the middle of another and at the beginning of the last one. These are the sotries: Martha and her husband struggle with a deadly disease that their daughter has, not knowing that in a few days will begin the countdown for the world's end. A musician is promoted to first violin, then receives the apocalyptic new. Still, he will make every effort to give the concert. Five friends, after hearing that they have only a few hours more, decide to do all those things they didn't do before for fear of themselves or for be judged by others.


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