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Miguel Valdez-Lopez has been a taxi-driver, a hospital employee, a web manager and a rabid enthusiast of the +200 flea-markets at his hometown (Monterrey, Mexico) which have helped him grow his Star Wars collection.

He currently works at IMAGYX Entertainment, where he co-wrote the rom-com feature RECUPERANDO A MI EX (2018). After becoming a PECDA (2016) and Ibero-American Cinematographic Projects Development Workshop grantee (Iberex - SGAE, 2017), he directed the short film EL ÁRBOL (IMCINE, 2019). He's a finalist at GIFF's National Screenplay Contest for his scripts CAMPEÓN (short, 2017) and PERDEDOR (feature, 2016). He co-wrote Televisa's tv thrillers LOGIN_ (2016), LOGOUT_ (2015) and CUENTA PENDIENTE (2014) which amounted to 45 episodes on national TV. He began his writing career on Syfy Channel's steampunk series RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING (NBC Universal, 2010). He likes Dr. Pepper. A lot


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