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As a screenwriting grad from Vancouver Film School, Miguel has written for the
award-winning, steampunk TV series RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING (2010, Syfy Channel, NBC-Universal) and the fantasy serials COMPENDIUM: NEVERLAND & COMPENDIUM: PSYCHO PRINCESS (2012).


His first short film, the pro-immigration satire NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD… MEXICANS (2008), garnered applause at several film festivals. He is one of the writers for the Mexican feature AMOR DEL REGIO (2011) and the Canadian fantasy adventure film ANCIENT LIGHTS (2015).


Currently, Miguel works at IMAGYX Entertainment (Monterrey, Mexico) developing projects such as the supernatural half-hour TV comedy CUENTA
PENDIENTE, which premiered on Televisa Networks, to a country-wide audience, November 2014.


His latest project is writing the deep web thriller series, LOGOUT, which recently premiered on Televisa Networks – Canal 5 in March 2015.

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