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Director's commentary:

I am very proud of CHIHUAHUA. We filmed it in one day, with a budget of two hundred and fifty dollars. Of course the whole team, either cast or crew, worked for free (in Mexico, we say that the people did it "for the love of art"). Borrowed camera, the school's lights, the actors brought their own wardrobe. As you can see, we did it at the expense of many favors, so I am eternally grateful to all those people who made it possible. In the end, the applause and laughter in the movie theater, only managed to increase the great love that we have for our film.



Alberto is in the library, waiting for a very important phone call. While the call arrives, he must deal with the strange people that surround him.


Awards and recognitions:

Offical selection of the "Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival" (2012).

Segment of the feature film "AMOR DEL REGIO" (winner of Best Picture from Nuevo Leon at the "Monterrey International Film Festival" 2011)

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