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Director's commentary:

The first film of a trilogy that Miguel, my co-writer, and I created. In none of them we pretend to explain the causes of fantastic events that happen to the characters, but how these events affect their lives. Like all independent short films, friendship and people's will to support filmmaking brought this story to the screen. Three days  of shooting, which although very intense (one of them of 21 continuous hours), were also very rewarding to work with such talented people.





Beatriz is a tired and disheartened woman as a result of her monotonous life, until she discovers a series of mysterious recordings playing on her TV that reveal a video camera that follows and records her all day long. Soon, Beatriz's fear of being watched will transform into an undying need to change the way she looks on the TV screen, without considering the consequences of her new obsession.




Awards and recognitions

Official selection of the "Toluca International Film Festival" 2013

Winner 1st place in the "RENDER 30" short film contest.





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